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Pondcare Algaefix effectively controls "green water" blooms and blanket weed.

Pond owners' number one problem has been algae of various types. Previously all algaecides were non-selective and killed or damaged most plants in the pond along with the algae.

Pondcare Algaefix is our number 1 seller by far. It effectively controls many types of green or green water algae, string or hair algae and blanket weed in ponds that contain live plants. Controls existing algae and helps resolve additional algae blooms. Keeps ornamental ponds and water gardens clean & clear.

Recommended for routine use as a preventative or can be used to treat ponds that already have an algae problem.

To use: Add 1 teaspoonful of PondCare AlgaeFix for every 50 gallons of pond/fountain water. Repeat dose every 3 days until algae is controlled.

Customer Review: My pond was like pea soup. I have tried several other types of algae products but they either took forever to work or didn't work at all. One killed my fish after a whole season of babying them. Pondcare Algaefix cleared the pond to sparkling water in less than 4 days! I will never use anything else, and I have sent some to my son for his pond as well. K. in Maryland

  • PondCare Algaefix Features:
  • Can be used in ponds with plants!
  • Works in temperatures above 32 degrees F
  • Is safe for fish, wildlife, and pets.

If high levels of algae exist, be prepared to siphon out dead filamentous algae. It is also highly recommended that you combine Pondcare Algaefix with EcoFix (below) to quickly break down the accumulated dead algae and debris that results from algae die-off. High quantities of dead algae can be damaging if not removed and broken down quickly to prevent toxic ammonia build-up.

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AP169B Pondcare Algaefix, 16 oz $11.95
AP169D Pondcare Algaefix, 64 oz $30.95
AP169C * Pondcare Algaefix, 1 gal $54.95
AP169J * Pondcare Algaefix, 2.5 gal $85.99
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Helps create a healthy ecosystem for pond fish.

Makes pond water clean and clear by breaking down dead algae and debris. Increases the concentration of dissolved oxygen in pond water.

EcoFix can be added anytime during the pond season. However, for best results EcoFix treatments should begin in the spring when the water warms up and the fish begin to feed. The bacteria in EcoFix will immediately begin working throughout the entire pond, helping to remove sludge and debris that have accumulated. Regular use of EcoFix will result in healthy clear water.

Ecofix is non-staining and non-foaming. Can be used in ponds containing salt and with UV sterilizers. Can be used in fountains. Will not hurt wildlife. Safe with plants.

Highly recommended as a compliment to Algaefix (above) to help break down dead algae.

  • Ecofix Pond Clarifier can not be shipped to Hawaii at this time.
  • 64 oz and 1 gallon sizes
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AP147D Ecofix, 64 oz Bottle $29.99
AP147C * Ecofix, 1 Gal Bottle $53.99
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